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Free Online Digital Strategy Workshop

By Dawn McGruer FRSA / July 30, 2018 /

Free Online Digital Strategy Workshop   What we’ll cover in this online workshop… How do you reach your audience? ​​​​​​​ We will look at how you can constantly reach and attract your target market, build strong networks and increasing your overall online presence and audience Are you generating enough leads? ​​​​​​​ Often the biggest obstacle…

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How to measure marketing success

By Dawn McGruer FRSA / July 23, 2018 /

Measurement is what enables you to adapt, optimise and improve your campaigns, so it’s an essential part of any marketing strategy. Metrics will give you an idea of what doesn’t work so your efforts and investment can be put into what does.   The key to any business activity, particularly from a marketing standpoint, is…

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How to create a Digital Marketing Strategy

By Dawn McGruer FRSA / July 17, 2018 /

Regardless of your level of responsibility or ranking within an organisation, it’s fair to say that your role will encompass some form of forward planning and strategising. Whether you’re a c-suite board member mapping out the business growth plan for the year ahead or a junior exec plotting in upcoming key events for your line…

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How to create a Messenger Bot

By Dawn McGruer FRSA / July 10, 2018 /

Social networks present a huge marketing opportunity to businesses and are fast becoming the preferred way to reach customers. However, making waves across Facebook and Twitter requires much more than simply creating a profile. An effective campaign needs a considered strategy, as well as an element of persistence, if you are to achieve results that…

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How to create a sales funnel

By Dawn McGruer FRSA / May 14, 2018 /

HOW TO CREATE A SALES FUNNEL Part of our How To Digital Campaign – Bringing you a series of Digital Marketing Tips to Maximise Your Digital Marketing Profits to Scale and Grow Your Business Join the Conversation #HowToDigital – See full How to Campaign Series  To get you started on dedicating to developing your digital…

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