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CIM Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing


CIM Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing



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CIM Accredited Study Centre 

Study for a world-recognised qualification, ranking YOU in the top 1% of marketers globally.

Graduate in as little as 12-24 weeks (dependent on experience) & earn in excess of £50-150K - based on the average salary for Digital Marketing roles which is currently £52,500 Salary Tracker Report

£2500 WORTH of Bonuses & Benefits

SAVE £600 - ONLY £949 + VAT (Normally £1549)


LEARN NOW. PAY LATER with our flexible 12-month interest free payment plan for just £99 + VAT

PRICE GUARANTEE: 20% cheaper than all CIM Study Centres

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83% of students get a pay rise, promotion, or new job upon graduation

12 Reasons to Get a Diploma in Digital Marketing

...and study with Business Consort Academy

30,000 Students | 20 Commendations | 99% Pass Rate

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ONLY £949 + VAT

SAVE £600 - ONLY £949 (Normally £1549)

OFFER ENDS 31st MAY 2024

⭐ 1:1 Tutor Support (6 x 1:1 Calls)

⭐ Instant Access 100% Online Course

⭐ Study at a time & pace thats suits you

⭐ 12-months access to mentoring & support

⭐ Study Buddy Group & LIVE Q & A's

⭐ 2-Day Fast Track LIVE Online in Mar, Jun & Oct

0% Interest Payments £249 + VAT x 6

⭐ 1:1 Tutor Support (6 x 1:1 Calls)

⭐ Instant Access 100% Online Course

⭐ Study at a time & pace thats suits you

⭐ 12-months access to mentoring & support

⭐ Study Buddy Group & LIVE Q & A's

⭐ 2-Day Fast Track LIVE Online in Mar, Jun & Oct

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Spread the cost of your course, over 12-months, interest-free.

All you need to do is complete your application, no hard credit searches

Sign-Up in less than 60 seconds!

Super flexible payments to suit your needs

Spread the rest over 12-months - 0% Interest for just £99 + VAT

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  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Online Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Viral Marketing
  • Online PR, Blogging & Writing for the Web
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Digital Metrics, Legislation, Regulation and Codes of Practice.
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Get ahead in your career - Get a Diploma in Digital Marketing and ensure you are earning what you are worth and deserve - Graduate in as little as 12-24 weeks (90 minutes a week) and earn in excess of £50-150K.

83% of our graduates get a pay rise, promotion or new job!

Who is this for? Designed for those wanting to work in marketing or marketing professionals who want to specialise knowledge & understanding of what digital marketing is & how it relates to the marketing industry & turn that knowledge into successful marketing strategies.



  • Study Methods: Online or Fast Track (Business Consort's 2-day ONLINE + LIVE Fast Track Course covering 80% of the syllabus then upgrade to study the CIM Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing)
  • Assessment: 3 x assignments based on a company of your choice
  • Resources: Videos + Study Buddy Group + 1:1 Calls with Tutor
  • Cost & Study Options:  Online £1149 + VAT (Normally £1549)
  • Payment Plans:  £249 + VAT over 6 months - Interest Free Payment Plan
  • Additional Fees: Assessment fees £190 each x 3 (£570)
  • Level: Level 6 – equivalent to an undergraduate degree (Worldwide recognised professional qualification + honourifics after your name + Graduation Ceremony in Westminster
  • How long will it take to qualify? We suggest you allocate about 90 minutes a week for 12-24 weeks depending on experience if you are working full time.

99% PASS RATE - Award-Winning CIM Study Centre with over 20 commendations awarded for outstanding results!

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digital marketing STRATEGIES

  • Unit 1 – Channel selection & customer insights: Assess the strategic options for channel
    selection – Understand relevant insights into digital customers.
  • Unit 2 – Managing channels: Understand how digital channels are managed effectively in
    practice – Define requirements for legal compliance in digital campaigns.
  • Unit 3 – Digital customer experience: Understand the customer journey – Develop plans to
    improve the user experience.

You’ll gain skills and knowledge to understand the fundamental planning concepts for an online organisation - as well as key factors in implementation, measurement and evaluation of successful campaigns.

  • Unit 1 – Digital insights: Understand the strategic implications of the changing digital
    environment on organisations – Interpret relevant insights from the wider digital environment.
  • Unit 2 – Digital optimisation: Develop responses to changing stakeholder needs and
    behaviours – Develop a conversion optimisation plan.
  • Unit 3 – Digital analytics, monitoring & measurement: Assess digital metrics and analytics –
    Apply key digital measures to analyse optimisation.

This Level 6 award provides insight into how organisations can implement digital marketing capabilities into strategic marketing planning.

  • Unit 1 – Situation analysis: Understand how to analyse an organisation’s current and
    future internal and external environments – Interpret relevant information and insights to
    recommend and inform strategic decision making.
  • Unit 2 – Planning: Develop marketing objectives and strategy to deliver organisational
    objectives – Develop a strategic marketing plan and a supporting marketing mix to deliver
    marketing objectives.
  • Unit 3 – Implementation & control: Define the resources required to deliver the strategic
    marketing plan – Apply the results of monitoring and measurements, and adapt the marketing
    plan for continuous improvement plan for continuous improvement.

We provide 1:1 Tutor Support in addition to our Study Buddy Group where you can mix with fellow students and tutors PLUS we host regular LIVE Q & A Sessions & Digital Marketing Made Easy Podcast for the most interactive learning experience.

Benefits & VIP BONUSES {WORTH £2500}

  • CIM MEMBERSHIP: We pay for Affiliate Studying Membership for a whole year!
  • MARKETING MENTORSHIP develop your skills, get career advice plus Guest Expert Sessions
  • 1:1 STRATEGY SESSION with Dawn McGruer (Head Tutor & Founder of Business Consort Academy)
  • VIP GIFT PACK: Weekly Desk & Annual Wall Planner, Notebook
  • VIP RESOURCE VAULT: PDF of Slides from the Course, Tools, Planners, Templates & Checklists, Instant Access Masterclasses
  • FAST TRACK PASS: Attend our LIVE Online 2-Day Fast Track Workshop as many times as you like (Jan, May, Sept) + Instant Access Fast Track Course Videos & Demos
  • DIGITAL SUPERHERO MERCHANDISE: Choose from Hoodies, Vests, T-Shirt or Mug
  • MARKETING MADE EASY BUNDLE: 90 Day Planner, 100 x Social Media Templates, Copywriting Swipe-file, Content Planning Template & Key Dates & Awareness Days Guide
  • VIP DISCOUNT: SAVE a whopping 20% on any other Business Consort Course with your Discount Code
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Every student receives a copy of our Founder and Head Tutors Book to use throughout their studies which was CIM's recommended book of the month and available in the CIM  Bookshop.


Pay Upfront

£1249 + VAT

SAVE £300 (Normally £1549) Secure your place with a one-time payment and start studying - Offers subject to change at anytime!

Pay Monthly

Interest Free 6-Months

Spread the cost over up to 6 months, with no interest. Please note there are no credit checks but this is a payment plan and you will be contractually obligated to pay all 6 instalments.


We're here to help

Chat to our support team today and find out how we can help you kick-start your digital marketing career


Studying with us is at least 20% cheaper than any CIM Study Centre in the world

Feedback Review Testimonial (3)
Feedback Review Testimonial (4)


3 (1)

Explore the course and the topics covered and see the CIM Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing syllabus and course structure.


The complete guide to finding out if this qualification is right for you!



This course is for you if...

You want to be recognised in the top 1% of marketers worldwide

Want to generate enough business to pay yourself the salary you deserve

Want the scope to really enhance your career or business!

Accelerate your career & boost your business


Who is the CIM Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing for?


  • You’re a marketing professional. You need specialised knowledge & understanding of what digital marketing is. You need to know how it relates to the marketing industry AND be able & turn that knowledge into successful marketing strategies, to advance in your career!


  • You want to work in marketing. Because digital marketing is constantly evolving, we teach best practice across all channels, from the ground up. So even if you have no prior experience, the foundation content will ensure you’re utilising the quickest and most effective strategies available today in digital marketing.


  • You’re a business owner. You want to grow your business – and learn HOW to use digital marketing & social media to grow your brand presence online & convert more of your audience into paying customers!



Celebrate your success and collect your certificate at the annual CIM Graduation Ceremony hosted at Westminster

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Am I eligible to study for the CIM Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing?

Our Study Centre includes a foundation unit within the course as standard to accommodate all levels and experience.


We constantly update our syllabus so you'll have access to the latest tips, trends, technologies & best practices, across all channels.


If you’re in the earlier stages of your marketing career, this foundation content will cover everything for beginners.


Our online learning portal is very thorough & our digital diagnostic allows tutors to assess your level upon joining the course, so they can guide you accordingly for timescales to graduate. 


We centre less on academic achievements, as digital is ever evolving. So regardless of your age, experience or role, we cover the fundamentals from the  basics all the way up.


You get end-to-end knowledge and get the deepest learning experience possible.


This is a HUGE factor in our students achieving a 99% pass rate!


Our entry requirements are that you can create a written assignment and have a good level of English (especially if it’s not your first language).

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Ultimately – if you want to get ahead in your marketing career or master the world of digital marketing & social media, to grow your business


…the CIM Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing is for YOU!

Key Points

  • Study Time: 150-300 hours (depending on experience)
  • Approx. 90 minutes a week is required, to dedicate to your studies
  • 12-24 weeks average graduation term (you have 12 months to complete the Diploma but can extend to renew if required)
  • Ofqual Degree Level: Level 6 (undergraduate degree equivalent).
  • NO EXAMS! Assessment: 3 x written assignments (business related NOT essays).
  • Includes: ALL course materials, workbooks & learning resources in your Online Portal. Unlimited after-course support + Certificate upon completion 
  • Additional Fees: We will pay for CIM membership £65 for a year so there are no extra costs outside assessments which are £190 each and there are 3.


SAVE £400 - ONLY £1149 + VAT (Normally £1549)

or Interest Free for 10-Months


Employer Benefits & Business Case;

  • An extremely popular qualification due to its digital focus - Students undertaking this qualification will master online marketing and social media to grow the business 
  • From a professional development point of view this course is a great incentive to motivate staff as well as benefit the employer as the assignments are created around the business and can be used within the role such as creating campaigns, strategy and digital plans for increase lead generation etc. 
  • The diploma is geared towards real-world business marketing and all elements of the syllabus are designed to get students implementing as they learn within their role so benefits can be seen instantly not just on graduation 
  • You’ll be learning direct from one of the world’s leading digital influencers and best-selling author of Dynamic Digital Marketing (published by Wiley). Dawn McGruer is not only an award-wining speaker and trainer but is ranked #1 on LinkedIn and has built multiple multi-million pound businesses from scratch (Founder of the Academy). Her experience as a digital and social media practitioner is second to none so students receive world-class coaching and mentoring.


We’re here to help - call our team on 0800 334 5784 now



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Dawn McGruer is an award-winning speaker, best-selling author, trainer, practitioner and consultant, who has become a key influencer in the world of digital marketing.

Dawn is the author of Amazon best-seller ‘Dynamic Digital Marketing’ (published by Wiley) & ranked #1 globally by LinkedIn for Digital Marketing.

She was named Best Female Speaker at the Professional Speaker Awards & her Dynamic Digital Marketing Model named Solution Framework of the Year.  

Dawn is founder of Business Consort - Digital & Social Media Academy, which has enjoyed 15 years of success. Her insights are in high demand & her expertise and experience has been rewarded with lifetime Fellowships with the Royal Society and CIM.

And above all else…Dawn walks the digital marketing walk! She’s built an enviable 5-million-strong subscriber base from scratch, proving her credentials to lead YOU to digital marketing success.

Best Female Speaker - As featured in


learning & support

Business Consort Digital & Social Media Academy is unique in it's approach as every tutor is not only CIM qualified but is a marketing practitioner as we are also a digital agency managing client campaigns whilst developing digital skills through our CIM Accredited Study Centre.

We don't just teach theory we use real-world business examples and ensure our students are learning the latest digital strategies, tools and tactics that are working right now!

This is a huge bonus because in the ever-evolving world of online marketing and social media you need to have your finger on the pulse.

We are the only study centre to offer 1:1 support through assignment planning and feedback plus our study buddy group brings fellow students together as well as interactive and live sessions and Q & A's with tutors.


Mark Davis is our Learning & Support Manager who heads up the 1:1 mentoring for assignment planning and feedback.

All tutors are CIM Qualified and are CIM Examiners too so they can ensure you are getting the most accurate feedback closest to when you submit your final work to CIM for marking.

just some of the lovely people we work with

Frequently Asked Questions

Imagine if you ranked in the top 1% of marketers in the world…what your earning potential would be!

Not only would your employability skyrocket, your opportunities would treble from pay rise, to promotion to new job or even career.

Gaining this worldwide recognised qualification will make YOU stand out from the crowd for clients and employers. And ensure you can reap the rewards you deserve & earn what you are worth!

YES! The CIM Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing is an Ofqual registered, highly respected professional qualification, recognised the world over. It’s equivalent to an undergraduate degree – but you can study as you work, instead of having to attend university (and at a fraction of the cost!).

To study for the CIM Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing, you’ll need to join the Chartered Institute of Marketing (£65) & pay £190 for them to assess and mark your assignments (there are 3 of these so the total is £570).

You have a full 12 months to complete your diploma – but if you need to renew for any reason, it’s £149 + VAT for 6 months or £249 + VAT for 12 months.

If English is not your first language, you will also need to provide evidence of achieving one of the following English Language qualifications within the last two years: IELTS Academic Module with overall score of 6.5 (each component pass mark must be 6.0 or above) or Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English grade B or above. CIM will consider other equivalent alternatives.

You’ll be required to create 3 x written assignments to graduate (all around real-world business plans, reports or strategy, rather than dissertations!). 

Not sure if you have enough experience, to embark on a level 6 qualification (equivalent to undergraduate degree)? The diploma includes foundation content, teaching you best practice across all channels, from the ground up. But do bear in mind that it may take you longer to complete your studies.

If you are experienced in digital marketing, then you could graduate in as little as 12 weeks. If you’re brand new or just starting out in digital or marketing in general, looking to graduate within 12 months is more realistic.  

On this basis, as long as you have good written English skills, we will honour your application - with the mandatory foundation across all modules ensuring best practice is observed (as many are self-taught in the digital industry).

Once you enrol, you’ll get instant access to all modules so you can study at your own pace & in your own time. 24/7!

We do, however, want to be clear that you understand that you MUST be able to dedicate a minimum of 90 minutes a week to your studies. This CIM Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing is degree level. It will stretch you & dramatically develop your digital skills – so you MUST be committed to your studies.

So what are you waiting for? Enrol today & you could be embarking on your new journey and pro-actively working towards your goals in as little as 15 minutes!

Absolutely! Many of our students have their studies funded by the company they work for.

Just click here now & we’ll send you an invoice, for your employer to make payment.

And then you can start right away, with everything you need from day 1!

YES! The Business Consort Academy is a CIM study Centre - with a 99% pass rate & over 15 commendations for outstanding results achieved by our students studying the CIM Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing.

The Diploma is an Ofqual registered, highly respected professional qualification, recognised the world over.

On completion, you'll receive a certificate PLUS honorifics (letters) to use after your name and the opportunity to attend your graduation ceremony in Westminster.

If you choose to attend Business Consort's 3-Day Fast Track Course you will receive a certificate on attendance from our academy - This is a certified course but not a qaulification without ugrading to study the CIM Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing.

If you dedicate 90 minutes a week to your studies, this will get you through completing the syllabus in about 4-8 weeks.

Depending on your professional experience, you could graduate in as little as 12 weeks or 12 months if you are newer to digital marketing.

There are NO exams! And no need to travel anywhere to submit your work – it’s 100% online (unless you choose the Business Consort Fast-Track option, with the 3 in-person days in Manchester or London) with the CIM Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing Upgrade.

You’ll be assessed by completing 3 x work-based written assignments. They are NOT dissertations but real-world business reports and plans.

You’ll get a 1:1 call with your tutor, to plan out your assignments & ask any questions. You’ll then get 1:1 feedback on your work, before submitting it to CIM to be marked. 

After training 27,000+ delegates through our Business Consort Academy – we’ve developed some pretty epic support resources, to make sure you feel connected to your study buddies and tutors (a HUGE factor in our 99% pass rate!).

As well as your state-of-the-art online learning portal, you’ll get a study buddy group to network with your fellow students. There’s help and advice from tutors 24/7, including a 1:1 call to plan your assignments & 1:1 feedback from your tutor before you submit your work to the CIM for marking.

PLUS you’ll get unlimited after-course support, too. Once you graduate, we can help you work towards Chartered Marketer - a status recognising those marketers achieving the highest level in the profession. It demonstrates commitment to keeping up to date & is awarded on a combination of experience and qualifications.

Attendee Reviews


Emma Mallinson, Global Marketing Product & Solutions Manager, Shell

“The training has given us the ability to lead discussions with our global digital teams within the organisation to request the appropriate support to get channels up and running.
It’s also given us the know-how on building digital such skills into our communications strategy and reaching the right people”.

Darius Ward, Entrepreneur 

“Dawn combined the what and how of Digital Marketing in perfect symphony.
As a result of her guidance and class training, I’ve become a Certified Digital Professional and secured my first 6-figure contract with a major Swiss company”

Fiona Challis - Speaker, Author, Channel Enablement & Sales Expert

“Dawn is truly outstanding to work with!
Not only was Dawn a dynamic speaker with excellent presentation skills, she has extensive knowledge and is a true expert in digital marketing and how drive new lead generation and build lasting relationships with your prospects online.”

So…anything else you need to know, to get started?

Just fire away with your questions.

Our team are always here to help on 0800 334 5784!

Got Questions?...