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Dawn McGruer FRSA MCIM

- The Queen of Digital Marketing!


Over the past 20 years she worked with over 30,000 clients and has helped them make more than £45 million building their businesses.

She started her first business at the age of 21, was mortgage free by 33 and 20 years on her marketing agency still stands strong, with an enviable client list.

Dawn Founded Business Consort Academy (CIM Accredited) in 2005, developing digital skills through accredited and certified courses, qualifications and mentoring. Business Consort Academy empowers marketers to master the world of online marketing and social media to accelerate their careers and grow their businesses.

She is a Best-Selling Author of Dynamic Digital Marketing & Digital Marketing Made Easy Podcast and go to for business owners looking to unleash the power of online marketing to start, grow and scale their business. 

Her mission is to make education accessible for all and my vision is to see business and marketing taught in schools. 

Most recently Dawn created Marketing Mentorship Mastermind (Includes Quarterly Mastermind Luxury Retreats) for business owners and entrepreneurs helping them to raise their authority, grow their Influence, so they can SCALE THEIR BUSINESSES FASTER than ever before.

Multi-Award-Winning Digital Marketing Speaker, Strategist & Trainer

  • Best Female Speaker Speaker (PSA 2018)
  • Ranked in top 1% on LinkedIn for Digital Marketing Globally (30K Connections + Same in Followers)
  • Global Best-Selling Author - Dynamic Digital Marketing (Wiley)
  • Host to top 3% Global Ranking Podcast ‘Dawn of a New Era’ & 'Digital Marketing Made Easy'
  • Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing & RSA (Royal Society of Arts Manufacture and Commerce) 



Dawn McGruer started her marketing agency at 21 and was mortgage free by 33 - Over the past 20 years she worked with over 30,000 clients and has helped them make more than £45 million building their businesses. Her signature framework Marketing Money Map™ identifies problems and opportunities that matter for businesses to create an inbound marketing plan. 

In a nutshell, a Marketing Money Map™ is a visual representation of the journey your prospect will take before he or she becomes an actual customer. Having a map that outlines how you’re going to reach your marketing destination can be the difference between success and failure. Every marketer needs a well-documented strategy to accomplish the goals.

Specifically the Marketing Money Map™ will help you save time, effort and money on your marketing whilst getting better results;

  • MODELS - How to structure your business to earn your ideal income
  • MARKETING - Convert more profitable customers, more often with more ease
  • MONEY - Open the floodgates to release money blocks and plug profit drains

In this masterclass, she will cover the key components you need to review to create your own Marketing Money Map™

After all a Goal without a Plan is just a Wish!


Your Facebook Ads shouldn’t cost you money. They’re a rich source of new customers that should be a profit DRIVER for your business…not a drain. 

Our Ads generate a new lead every 8 minutes. We see a 900% ROI. AND we only pay for a new lead or client…the reach & brand awareness is FREE.

So if that sounds like a strategy you need to know – don’t miss this free Masterclass!


  • How to use Facebook Ads, to reach & grow your audience
  • The BIG mistakes to avoid
  • How to calculate Ad spend, to generate big profits
  • And 3 fail-proof ways to use Facebook Ads to get more new leads + clients!

It's so difficult with the speed of the ever-changing digital landscape for many to keep up with the latest strategies, tips, tools and techniques that are working right no win business

Dawn McGruer has worked in Digital Marketing since the internet began so she as a trainer, consultant and digital marketer she will share real world advice and case studies to maximise your online marketing efforts.

In this training we cover;

  • The latest strategies to market your business online
  • 4 key traffic and lead sources
  • Focusing on activities that drive revenue
  • How to get your lead generation running on auto-pilot
  • Getting an easy to implement marketing plan in place 
Real-World Business Marketing to Get YOU the fastest results with the biggest profits - This training session is based on Dawn McGruer's signature model – Dynamic Digital Marketing Model™ which includes an easy to implement strategy ‘8 Powerful Ways to Market Your Business Online’ which will help you master the world of online marketing and social media to grow your business. This model forms the basis of Dawn's Best-Selling Book 'Dynamic Digital Marketing'.
We take a whistle-stop tour through the different opportunities of online marketing and focus on the latest tips, tools and strategies that are working right now across;
8 Powerful Ways to Market Your Business Online
  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  2. Social Media 
  3. Email Marketing 
  4. Creating Content that Converts
  5. Social Selling 
  6. Advertising Campaigns 
  7. Digital Strategy 
  8. Analytics 

We will share proven methods guaranteed to boost online presence, visibility and ultimately profits for your efforts.

Dawn McGruer has built an enviable social network and subscriber base of 5 million and grown her LinkedIn connections to 30k (plus the same in followers)

This training session is a masterclass in using social media in a purposeful way to drive profit for your business and ultimately turn connections into clients.

She will focus on a less in more approach (quality over quantity) and look at different strategies that will help reach, grow and convert your audience.

You will learn about;

  • 5 key key stages of Digital Influence
  • How to turn connections into clients
  • 7 Steps to Social Media Success
  • Her easy to implement strategy 'MAGIC 10' which takes just 10 minutes a day and guarantees you'll double your audience and network (seeing results in as little as a week).

Dawn McGruer has been using LinkedIn as a key lead and revenue driver since it started...It wasn't always as easy to get results but she developed specific techniques to get clients from LinkedIn through authentic and ethical relationship building. She has grown her network from 0 to 30,000 direct connections (and the same in followers)

Dawn has helped her clients use online marketing and social media strategies to generate over £45 million and she continues to use LinkedIn daily to grow and scale her own business. She ranks in the top 1% Globally on LinkedIn for Digital Marketing so she definitely practices what she teaches (She was recently featured in Forbes to share her advice about Making the Most of LinkedIn

- You will learn how to replicate her success on this channel.

  • 7 steps to LinkedIn Success 
  • Making the Most of LinkedIn - in just 10 minutes a day!
  • Getting Clients from LinkedIn

She will cover how to reach, attract and grow your network and stand out from the crowd using your profile, posts and engagement strategies.



If you are interested in inviting Dawn to deliver a Guest Expert Session, Speak at an Event or Interview on your Podcast please get in touch with our team and send full details of your audience, session details etc.


Available for ocmment....

  • Women in Tech - Close the gender gap and to help women embrace technology

  • Bridging the Digital Skills Gap and training the youth of today for tomorrows workforce
  • Making education accessible so underprivileged students can obtain degree-level qualifications
  • Social media and online marketing trends, insights, tips, techniques and tools


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  • Over 5 Million Subscribers – Worldwide!
  • Alumni of 30,000 students
  • 30K Connections on LinkedIn (same in followers)
  • Top 1% on LinkedIn for Digital Marketing - Globally
  • 50K Strong Social Network across Platforms
  • Top 5% Global Ranking Podcast 'Dawn of a New Era'
  • 10K Downloads NEW 'Digital Marketing Made Easy' Podcast


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